The central vision for the Timber Trail Centre is to provide effective and affordable training for those who would like to improve their life and business skills.

These include courses in:

Environmental Issues

  1. “Staying Healthy in a Toxic World” (introduction to environmental, food and other toxins and how to protect yourself from them)
  2. “Reducing our Footprint (the global environmental crisis and how you can get involved in the solutions)
  3. “Clean Green – What” (serious environmental living in the city)
  4. “Sun, Wind and Water” (appropriate technology and living off the grid)

Recreation & Culture

  1. “The Global Epicurean”  (cooking classes from around the world)
  2.  “Soul Food” (introduction to music styles and playing an instrument)
  3.  “My Body is my Temple” (getting fit and staying that way)
  4. “Sticky Fingers” (an introduction to pottery techniques)
  5. “Painting with Light” (digital photography as art)
  6.  “Art from the Righthand Side of the Brain” (radical techniques to learning to paint and draw)
  7. “Maori tanga” (an introduction to Maori culture, presented by our Maori neighbours, including a visit to the Marae across the river)

Health & Self-development

  1. “Let your Food be Your Medicine” (introduction to nutrition-based healing)
  2. “Unshakeable Calm in a World Full of Turmoil (mindfulness based stress reduction programmes, meditation, yoga, visualization techniques and Tai Chi)
  3.  “The Secret Garden (an introduction to Massage, both straight and sensual)
  4.  “Black Dog” (depression and anxiety and their cures)
  5. “The Never Ending Waterfall” (making your way to closure from grief)
  6. “Strung Out” (alcohol and drug addiction solutions)
  7. “The Big C” (non-conventional approaches to curing cancer)
  8. “Train-wreck” (pathways to recovery from a major life trauma)
  9. “A Black Eye and a Wounded Heart (dealing effectively with domestic violence)
  10. “Why are we Here?” (introduction to philosophy and religion)
  11. “Just a Stick and a Poem” (planning an awesome spiritual retreat in seven countries around the world)
  12. “Soulmate” (finding and keeping an awesome life-partner)

Business Topics

  1. “Your Money or Your Life” (investing smartly, living more simply)
  2. “At the Helm” (running a business successfully and profitably)
  3. “From acorns to oak trees” (starting and growing your own business)
  4. “Up the Ladder” (planning and executing a successful career throughout your life)